Infographic On Personal Adaptive Modifications After 2016 Manila Transplant

Human body systems1. Blood pressure is normal after check-up; not-so-regular exercise continues so no mini heart attacks as of transplant; no other heart issues

2. Mind is uncharacteristically lucid after a month in the new house; no depressive episodes; had some good ideas, become briefly productive last year but currently in a stand-still; generally hornier and have been swiping on Tinder during the holidays

3. After almost two years off the cigs, I have lost almost all cravings (but I still sniff Nikki’s cigs every now then); Mandaluyong air is satanic so I ended up buying a gas mask; damn this place sucks for my lungs

4. I take care in prioritizing where and when I intentionally damage my liver; had not a lot of drinking bouts worth going to; finally moved on from my evening alcohol cravings

5. Verging into a more fruits, vegetables, no-sodium/no fatty oils diet, but simply because I am getting sick of the taste of meat

6. Knees are generally healthier because of less alcoholic-y lifestyle

7. I miss getting tired of doing things I love doing




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