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  • Drowned in Drown (September 2013) – Hip hop beats based on drone. Because bass lines don’t exist in the netherworld
  • Defrag (November 2013) – low fi noise generated from Sylo virtual synth
  • Music For Funerals (November 2013) – Minimalist piano improvisations for your ‘friend’s funeral
  • Zizek? (November 2013) – Zizek? is a musico-conceptual portrait of Slavoj Zizek, a Slovenian philosopher, known for his eclectic mix of Marxist, Hegelian and Lacanian concepts. This project is less of a portrait of the man himself but of his ideas. Each track is an interpretation of each of his key concepts, with the intent of illustrating each concept aurally.
  • Jzz Mldc (November 2013 – ongoing) – jazz standards played with melodica with backing tracks downloaded from the Web, credits to their creators, files were uploaded in sequence according to date they were recorded
  • Steps (June 2014) -ambient, inspired by Burial, with Pot Quiambao
  • Music for Factories (April 2014) –
  • iTunes Does Spoken Word (June 2014) – How random is ‘random’?
  • The process of the experiment is as follows:
  • A sample is cut from one of the scenes in the classic ‘poets’ ’ film, Dead Poet’s Society. The sample features the teacher portrayed by Robin Williams saying the word “poetry”. The sample is cut per syllable, dividing the sample into three. Each sample is less than a second long. The three tracks are put into a playlist in iTunes Using the iTunes “random” playing option, the whole playlist is played, with the sequence of playback being random. The playback is started at the track/syllable “po”. The whole thing is recorded and then faded to end (since the iTunes will play infinitely unless stopped).
  • Six Samples Played 20 Times (June 2015) – This anthology comprises of repeated samples appropriated from one of my recorded improvisational sprees. Each samples play 20 times each track. Therefore the process is not so much ‘composition’ but self-curation.
  • The goal is to isolate the musical phrases from the ‘song’ context, to present themselves as themselves, albeit repeated and contextualized as such. The album is intended for peripheral listening, e.g. working, cooking, washing the dishes, etc.
  • No digital effects were used. Ambient white noise is also retained. Cutting, pasting and repeating done through Audacity.
  • Txt Al3rt T0nez (February 2016) –
  • Three Dub Tracks (June 2017) – Fairly old but newly-released collaboration with Pot Quimbao on the drums. Four original dub instrumentals we made when we were still actively jamming about a year and a half ago.
  • Stages of Sleep (July 27 2016) – generated with a Casio digital keyboard and a bunch of effects
  • Beats (August 2016) – Collection of old and new beats.
  • IMPROVISATION ON S*LECTA ICE CREAM TRUCK THEME  (November 2016) – This Noise Might Seem Like Just Noise, But What Happened Next Will Definitely Not Shock You!


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