BLTX Cubao 2016 To Be Attacked By Misogynist Aliens, ENFP-Type Passive-Aggressives – Source

December 6 2016

MANDALUYONG – Better Living Through Xeroxography or BLTX, a zine and DIY expo organized by Adam David and his circle of friends, will be having its eleventh year at Ilyong’s, somewhere near where they reside. This year, a couple of other BLTXs will be held in Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Davao and Naga. According to a source, some shady personalities, including misogynist aliens and a certain John Levi Masuli, are planning to attack the said event and hang around.

According to the source, the attack was an attempt to spread some viruses, including an audio work called “Improvisation on Sel*cta Ice Cream Truck Theme” and a few zines by the Pedantic Pedestrians. There are also rumors that a bunch of other people are also going there, but of course that is a given. The following is a document retrieved by intel regarding the participants of the attack:


The source ended its threat with, “Prepare for chaos and awkward social interaction. Also, prepare your wallets. You’ll never know how painful the attack would be on your finances.”


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