Life Update August 2016

  1. Glad that the peace talks between the CPP-NPA-NDFP and the Philippine government is pushing through. I think that this is the most important event in evaluating the Duterte admin. Class lines will be drawn and the actual commitment that the admin has for the ‘change’ it purports to represent will be substantially tested and evaluated.
  2. Thesis is still in a rut, and work still sucks. Got a second regular and hopefully long-term writing gig. Working in a ‘viral’ news website. Skill at BS will definitely be honed. Music gigging in a stand-still except a few hotel gigs here and there.
  3. Planning to go out of Baguio since June, but no motivation to push it through. Second job actually opened the option for office placement in Manila in September, but I’m not too excited for it.
  4. Took and taking some online courses. One of the courses, The Technology of Music Production, is actually heavy and demanding, but kind of worth it.
  5. Attended a KWF translation workshop in Manila. Kinda so-so.
  6. Presented a paper on vaporwave at De La Salle. Lots of awesome people there.
  7. Released a drone album, Stages of Sleep, listen to it here.
  8. Got a piece/ spoken word score included in a spoken word compilation.   A copy can be read here.
  9. Has not read or finished reading a lot lately. Enjoyed Allan Navarra’s Girl Trouble. A collection of poetry by Paul Celan, Anne Sexton, and an alt-lit one by Heiko Julien. Also a book on the connection of sound and the ecology of fear by Steve Goodman, which is actually the real name of classic dubstep legend, Kode9 (I was mindblown when I learned it, sorry).
  10. Falling in love with yogurt bacteria and bread yeasts. Closest thing I can get to filicidal cannibalism.
  11. Getting tired of self-depreciative humor and rants for political correctness in social media.
  12. Sometimes I feel too pumped up of energy and enthusiasm I feel like I wanted to go out and dance in the rain.

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