Life updates on the 1st quarter of 2016

  1. Currently continuing my education. School sucks but my teenage angst already gave way for more constructive activities and emotions.
  2. Fairly productive on the writing side. Writing random papers, contributing to local scenes, and working on a major project, which is an attempt to write a history of jazz in Baguio. Got my fiction piece “Episodes” published in the fourth issue Plural Prose Journal.
  3. Writing more and more reviews. There is a strange satisfaction in writing about things I like.
  4. Released another bandcamp album, titled Txt Al3rt T0nez, which is just a bunch of text alert tones I made, available for download and usage to anyone.
  5. Exploding Meatballs and Pedantic Pedestrians are currently on hiatus.
  6. Jamming with Skydive Academy continues.

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