Cultural consumption/production update 12/10/15

I am beginning to group together reading, listening, browsing, blogging and other related activities under the general category of ‘cultural consumption.’ Today, my cultural consumption habit is fed with less and less free time. Nonetheless I try to be as efficient as possible. Anyway, on with the updates.


Became interested in the politics working in formal innovation in art. Read bits of stuff around the internet. Read Aesthetics and Politics edited by Jameson, read bits about protest art. Read a lot about the autonomy of art (in the Adorno sense) and its ‘disappearance’ in contemporary assimilative attitude of capitalism towards ‘avant-garde’ art.  Read a few short novels. Read things about anarchism. A little bit about psychology in socialist revolutions and post-revolutions. Stopped addiction to, Buzzfeed and other similar forms of bs. Trying to organize my reading for a more productive reading experience.


Trying to sneak some time writing stuff like this. Preparing some pieces for inclusion in publications. Thinking of creating a writing outlet for stuff which I am not sure publications would like to publish. Currently getting tired from writing itself, since it is also my main source of living and hence getting more and more alienated from it.

Listening to music

Finally got over post-rock, especially those that sound like pop-rock songs without vocals (Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, etc). Disappointed with math rock because of its reliance on technicality and musical complexity as aesthetic standard. Continuing relationship with jazz with increasing interest in non-American jazz, specifically those in Africa, Japanese and, if contact is successful, a few attempts to research on Filipino (and Baguio jazz in the 20th century). Trying to listen to ‘cool’ bands like the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth and a bunch of 90s American indie bands, kinda bored with them.Got sick of electronic music, especially American.  Started listening to avant-garde in a historical manner; got beyond minimalism and becoming interested in the history of noise as a a particular type of sound. Steady exploration of hip hop, especially those outside the US. Listening to Aklas, interesting rapper guy. Trying to minimize ‘unnecessary’ sound trips and trying to go out of the house without an earphone.

Making/performing music

I have stopped devoting a lot of time to performing my own music, and all the music that remains in my daily activities are my jazz sets with Daryl (which I do not consider cultural production because it is, at the essence, work). I aim to do something in the coming months though, but this is far deep in my bag of priorities. Planning to finish Melodicas on Loop for closure.

Visual art

No galleries or art shows attended. Minimal instagrammin’.


Lots of worthless detritus from social networking browsing. Some movies, I guess about 2 to 4 movies, the longest of which is Novecento, a 6-hour film by Bertulloci (I expect future historical films to try to achieve this level of sophistication). Went to see Heneral Luna, first moviehouse experience in months. A few uncommitted watching of episodes of TV series. Conscious effort to minimize watching for leisure.


Got a brief relationship with Starcraft 1.


2 thoughts on “Cultural consumption/production update 12/10/15”

  1. “Currently getting tired from writing itself, since it is also my main source of living and hence getting more and more alienated from it.” hahahaha I know what you mean men. hope you doing alright with Lando coming there

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