Random things I learned about life so far

  1. We get up then we get down so when we’re up we know that we’ll get down eventually but the point is to try to stay up even if you know you’ll get down eventually because you know that when you get down you’ll get up eventually, (and you know life is better when you are optimistic in a realistic way).
  2. Cleaning up, dressing decently, learning how to use muriatic acid on the tiles, trying to calm down when shit happens, filling up the thermos for the next user – these are achievements that do not have an audience but are equally, strangely fulfilling.
  3. Once you get depressed, it gets under your skin and stays there, but the feeling will pass; not as fast as you would like, but it will.
  4. Some people grow to 21 and stay there, with all the wrinkles, a child or two, and 5-day old underwear.
  5. Our survival is founded on compromise. Some people think that compromise is the ‘least evil’ option. Some even contrast it to ‘radical’ when in fact we live in a system which forces us to work for, collaborate with, negotiate with, and struggle against the existing powers. We were born in the position of compromise, and our job is to tip the balance and inch our way out of it.
  6. In Baguio’s unpredictable weather, panties dry faster than briefs.
  7. Spontaneity gets old really fast. Spontaneity is sometime you earn after you have organized everything in the most efficient way possible.
  8. Chins hang loose, bald spots sprout but nothing happens if you rant about them.
  9. People get more paranoid as they get older. It’s because they learn more and more about the world, they get cautious because they don’t want to get hurt by the same mistakes.
  10. I forgot who, but someone said that “Communism makes the world young again.” I think that is beautiful.

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