Week-long celebration of #BaguioStudentsDay to be held on September


Various youth and students organizations and individuals in Baguio City would be celebrating the Baguio Students Day, dubbed as “Kabataan Tayo ang Pag-asa: Isulong ang Bagong Pulitika”  from September 14-20, 2015. The organizers of the event are Cordillera Youth Center, BIBAK Federation, National Union of Students of the Philippines – Baguio-Benguet chapter, College Editor’s Guild of the Philippines – Baguio-Benguet chapter (CEGP-BB), Dap-ayan ti Kultura ti Kordilyera (DKK), Kabataan Partylist (KPL) and ANAKBAYAN.

A lot of things would be happening within this week. Here is a full list:

  1. Mass Voters’ Registration, Information and Education

This activity aims to gather and encourage numerous number of youth in Baguio City to register and participate in the upcoming National Elections in 2016. This will be done thru:

  1. Mass Voters’ Registration with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC);
  2. Public Exhibit of Photos and Information based on this year’s theme of Baguio Students’ Day and on Voter’s education;
  3. Film Showing on the different issues confronting the Youth and Students
  4. Mini-Discussion Groups on topics such as education, employment, environmental protection and on the current Philippine political situation including the role of the youth indemocratic participation and processes
  1. Baguio-Benguet Youth and Students Leadership Training and Seminar

This two day event will gather around 50 youth leaders, students and out-of-school youth, from the different schools and barangays in Baguio City and La Trinidad, Benguet for a focused youth leadership training. This aims to educate and build the capacity of the young participants in managing their respective formations and organizations as well as addressing the needs of their constituents. As a framework,  there will be a discussion and planning on the updates and the continuing challenges to the youth and students in the city.

This particular event will be characterized with youthful but appropriate activities in achieving the specific objectives of the said activity. We believe that strengthening the youth formations and providing them with appropriate guidance will direct them towards better leadership in their society.

  1. Rise for Education Conveners Meeting

This activity is the continuity of the Rise for Education Assembly held last July 25, 2015 where youth organizations, student councils and publications, parents, teachers, and different education stakeholders attended to discuss the issues and situation challenging the Philippine Education today. In this conveners meeting, we are aiming to discuss the concrete implementation of the resolutions and actions of the assembly.

  1. U-Talk

This activity intends to convene different student council members and officers to discuss issues and concerns inside their respective schools and universities and come up with concrete resolutions and actions from the participants.

This is in partnership with National Union of Students in the Philippines (NUSP). NUSP is the broadest alliance of student councils in Baguio and Benguet and at the national level.

  1. Press Time

This activity aims to gather student publications in Baguio and Benguet to discuss the current situation of campus press freedom in their respective schools and universities. This event is also an opportunity for them to remember and discuss the contribution of their alumni in advancing students’ right to press freedom and students’ rights in general. It will be conducted by the College Editor’s Guild of the Philippines – Baguio-Benguet chapter (CEGP-BB).

  1. Youth Jam (September 19)


This event will showcase arts and literature through songs, poetry and oral interpretation. Various youth and students organizations and individuals both in high schools and colleges will be encouraged to participate. This will also involve the artists in the city to exchange knowledge and skills in poetry and song writing and performing. To compensate their efforts and encourage more participation, prizes will be awarded to commendable performances and piece originally composed.


For all of you who are in Baguio, especially the young people during this week, you are invited!


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