BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Baguio-based nobody releases some new stuff

Writer-musician Levi Masuli shares us some of his latests works as well as some updates on his life. 

BAGUIO- Baguio-based not-famous nobody Levi Masuli has released a list of what he has done in 2015 so far. Known for his anonymous online blathers and occasional self-rants when going to the bathroom, Masuli has reportedly released a couple of mixtapes and is also planning to release a collection of poetry soon.

“Apparently I have a lot of free time these past few months. It sucks being a precariat, you have to always look for ways to survive, and when there is nothing, you can always make some ‘art’ to give yourself the impression that you’re actually doing something,” said Masuli in our brief interview with him.

Masuli looking at the light bulb looking for answers. – PHOTO by Anonymous

Masuli intimated that his latest releases, iTunes Does Spoken Word and Six Samples Played 20 Times are both experimental in nature, focusing on the nature of music and music-related mechanisms rather than music-as-beautiful-sound. Both works have explanatory notes for those who may not understand them. Masuli asserts that “the notes are part of the work, these pieces are not self-explanatory. It’s weird that people think that some things are self-explanatory when nothing actually is.”

He has also released a teaser of a more musically-inclined work, Melodicas on a Loop on his Soundcloud account. He said, however, that he is not sure whether to continue doing an album for this particular concept since it is difficult to appreciate the sound of the melodica and not a lot of people appreciate repetition as a musical device.

Regarding his non-musical activities, he is currently helping in organizing a few events in Baguio City, such as the launching of Ericson Acosta’s book Mula Tarima Hanggang and the reunion concert of the Dap-ayan ti Kultura iti Kordilyera. His group the Pedantic Pedestrians is also on another awkward hiatus. Nonetheless, he said that he has a lot of things in mind regarding Pedantic and he is also trying to finish a collection of poems to be released online.

“There is too much vanity in the art world, especially poetry, but the ‘scene’ is dominated by bureaucrats, elite creative connoisseurs and moneyed hobbyists. If leftists politicians are willing to engage in corrupt elections, politically-conscious artists must also know how to rub shoulders with the art authorities, assert ourselves, and compromise a bit, while being aware of its limitations and essential corruption,” said Masuli.


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