Lexicographical Interventions: Exam

It is a general condition of humanity to ask questions on what must be done, what is the purpose of life, what is its meaning, etc, big questions that trickle down into smaller units of inquiry, what is the best career for me, with children or no children, to resist or not to resist, etc, into further atomic subparticles of questions and questions, what must I buy, do I wake up or not, what must I do to kill this boredom, do I really love this person. This state of mind of many human beings reveals that they consider existence as a series of questions, a linear sequence of problems that require some logical practice (regardless of how logical or illogical the particular problem is), or practically, an enormous examination which can either be passed or failed. The minute we were born, older humans (our parents. as it usually is the case) applied us, without our consent, to examinations on walking, talking, shitting properly, good manners, respect, obedience of the Law. Few questioned why we have to take these exams in the first place. No one ever told us what is the prize of passing, or the price of failure.


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