Thoughts on the Cybercrime Law from Henry Miller, Dostoyevsky and Doveglion

This will be the last night without the nasty cybercrime law which I guess we all  know about, so let exploit this opportunity to say what we want online. Literary giants Henry Miller, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Jose Garcia Villa contacted me via my imaginary crystal ball to expressed their thoughts on the matter. By the way, if you care to, share some time to sign the online petition sponsored by the Kabataan Partylist regarding this matter. Link here.

Henry Miller

from If You See K

He was the repulsive, repugnant, his expensive faux Dior perfume reminiscent of a baby’s freshly-baked digestive waste, sprinkled with cinnamon and baby powder. His intelligence, his brain, no, don’t let me speak of it, the transcendentally unspeakable, that even the white cockroaches who have just emerged from their eggs will become proud of the sizes of their brains. As for his knowledge of the Law, one may find it difficult to find a more fitting metaphor than a piece of turd who claims to know the philosophical essence of his turdness. As for his looks, the best description would be a narration of how, amidst this sudden recollection of his face, I am already retching, retching, reaching for a green plastic bag to avoid soiling my bed in terrible disgust. As for the worth of his existence? Here it is, cased in green plastic bag, which I’m now motioning to throw into the garbage can. My sincere apologies to you, garbage can.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

from Another Pathetic Man With A Problem in the Head

I pity them! I abhor them! These nameless people, without even the most useless of talents, I hate them! Every time I go to sleep, I hear their voices talking gossiping behind my head.. as if I care! Tomorrow I will teach them, and prove them my worth. Wait for that day, when I will gag your mouths. Oh, the voices, again!



Jose Garcia Villa

from Banned Poems

When, Eve, ate, the, fruit,

God, banished, thus,

for, Intelligence,

was, not, for, them

When, Sotto, came, by, foot,

the, devil, invited, thus,

Without, woe, without, wit, without, sin

He, declined.


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