Beneath the dense darkness of two wells in my face

This is a poem for Nikki Camille Malabad. She is my breeze amidst the storm, peace amidst the strife, beauty between the opacity of words. The words in this poem are not original, they came from someone with round glasses. Hehe.

Karl Marx on love: “If you love with­out evoking love in return, i.e., if you are not able, by the manifestation of yourself as a loving person, to make yourself a beloved person, then your love is impotent and a misfortune.”



Beneath the dense darkness of two wells in my face

Oh my love

It’s so hard

I’m so tired

Nobody told me

Crippled inside


While my guitar gently weeps

Please, please me


tomorrow never knows

I’ll be on my way

from me to you

across the universe


Whatever gets you through the night,

remember love

Act naturally,

stand by me


I’ve got a feeling

crying, waiting, hoping,

Good morning, good morning

And your bird can sing




steel and glass

beef jerky

9 dream

two virgins

cold turkey

old dirt road

glass onion


Watching the wheels;



every little thing

what you’re doing


Two of us

Come together

Hold on,

carry that weight

Hard times are over


2 thoughts on “Beneath the dense darkness of two wells in my face”

  1. ahaha! that is also my favorite quote from Marx, hihi. about love, santissimang mahabagin! i tried reading Das Kapital and i got until p. 81 only. i was bleeding in the nose, ears and thru all pores, ahaha. btw, until p. 81, it’s still about being and nothing, if my memory serves me right. 😉

    the poem above is dainty and pretty. thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Das Kapital is not for human consumption, I have heard. I attempted to read that thing. It was perfectly indigestible.
      Thanks for the compliment. That poem is just a mish-mash of the titles of the songs composed by John Lennon. Haha.

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