Music haters, please give love on Christmas day

Since internet access in our house is as sparse as fresh air in Manila, it is quite a reflex to pause a Youtube video upon loading, waiting for it to buffer, and read the comments. Since I go to Youtube mainly to watch things related to music, it is natural to read comments like this:

@klimmer716 I’m 18 and feel sorry for what my generation has done with techno/electro/industrial bullshit they’ve come up with. Perception of the society surely differs from time to time, but that perception can be crappy.

AvengerBlackCult 3 days ago

bring disco back… take away bieber and gaga and etc..

whateverwhenever11 11 hours ago

80’s 90’s who cares! Great songs! Much better than most of the crap that comes out today.

mrhoffame 1 week ago

dear vevo,

get justin bieber the hell off a cradle of filth video…thats just wrong.

wownerd32195 1 week ago

And these comments come abundantly in every permutation and version imaginable. For every Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga video I browse, there are always these demon-hunters who pompously lambast every piece of pop music produced today. Some of these people go on praising a certain decade (60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s) and claim that it is the best decade (of course, without doubt many of these Youtube people spent their youth in their respective ‘best’ decades). It is a lame, man.

Let me put this straight. I’m not a Bieber fan or a Lady Gaga ‘monster’, but these pop artists are just doing their thing. They have their own artistic merits which cannot be measured in the yardstick of a certain decade. I listen to music such as The Grateful Dead, Miles Davis, Kinks, The Verve, Oasis, Matisyahu, Chick Corea, Yes, and a whole lot more, and I do not find Nicki Minaj totally repulsive. I believe it’s just a matter of taste (by the way, I love Chris Brown’s Next To You). Yeah.

And to all those decade-fanatics who seem unable to carry on with their life and bout with their chronic nostalgia for their adolescence, I know you love the music when you were young, but please don’t bash the young people’s music. That just shows how pathetic you are. I don’t like the electronic ‘pulses and beats’ (I find it hard to call it ‘music’) of Daft Punk or The Chemical Brothers or Gorillaz, but I will always reserve some respect for them and their listeners. I don’t relish indigenous music, and if I were to use some Western classical standard to it, indigenous ritual music is just a bunch of random noises. But it is not.  It is a product of some intelligent human imagination, and no one has the right to judge it as such. To quote Bob Dylan, “mothers and fathers throughout the land, don’t criticize what you can’t understand.”

And to those nitwit pretentious poseurs who post something like ‘I am 13 and I love The Beatles!’ or ‘I am 17 and I hate NeYo!’, stop it man, I beg you. It doesn’t make you look more cool or intelligent. It doesn’t make you look ‘deviant’ or ‘non-conformist’ or whatever. It just makes you look stupid man. Who cares if you love A-ha when you don’t even know how to sing in tune?

And another thing, this is POP MUSIC we are talking about right here. We are not babbling about some baroque musical piece or a Schoenberg performance. This is pop music, ‘capitalist music’ if you may, that we are talking about, so any discussion on aesthetics or other nerdy hoopla is irrelevant. What matters is the money. David Bowie is a good musician, but without his theatrics he will be nothing but an art school anti-social pauper. The K-pop pretty-boys and pretty-girls will make him wipe his own ass. So please don’t initiate a conversation comparing Culture Club and Marilyn Manson and who creates the better music.

Having an Ipod with 50, 000 songs and 10, 000 artists (and listening only to “Wonderwall” all day, for Pete’s sake) is not cool. Listening to Mozart or Debussy in the morning will not make you look clever. Commenting on Youtube like a naïve 6-year old will not get you thumbs ups.

Or maybe I should just refrain from wasting my time in Youtube. Haha.


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