I went to Bookay-ukay this evening, hoping to find some good books to ravage during this long break.It was quite along walk from Philcoa through Maginhawa Street (so there’s the irony). Upon entering the book shop. I was greeted with two of the best examples of hospitality: (1) a large, John Lennon portrait and (2) an indie rock revival album of The Beatles’ classics playing loudly in the background.

The book store. as many have easily noted, is not your usual nerd haven. There was the wall embellished with graffiti, and books are arranged in a haphazard fashion like they are meant to be (just like the usual ukay). Unlike Booksale and other similar thrift shops, Bookay-ukay have sympathetic cashiers and store keepers. By sympathetic I mean ‘tatooed’, ‘head-banging’, ‘ass-puffing’ kiss-ass individuals who are in deep contrast with their Booksale counterparts who seem to dying for the end of their shifts.

I would note a few things that I like in this bookshop: first,. the prices are quite good (there was a hard-bound, archaic Bible -looking Dostoevsky worth P 300!), and the books in dire conditions are even given for free; second, there also CDs, DVDs and cassette tapes being sold, which is like Magellan finding the Spice Island for a music freak like me; third, the environment has a ‘dissident atmosphere’ in it, unlike the sterility of many bookstores I know (no doubt this is a hide-out of many literary dissidents today); finally, there is a good view every fifteen minutes, I mean, I think there is a college near the store and colegialas are scurrying back and forth across the store every fifteen minutes…

So I ended up buying some books and got myself a copy Ang Mga Kwento ng mga Supot sa Panahon ng Kalibugan, a literary folio pot-holed with curses from cover to cover. Let’s check this thing out. Hehe.


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